Game of Thrones S3



Redemption Road


DCBB: Our Last Summer

Word Count: 19,000

Love Between The Stars

"You still have baby?" Cas asks, gingerly running his fingers over the smooth black paint of the impala. He remembers this car very well and all the memories that come with it. The night when he was pressed up against the hood as Dean kissed him until he couldn’t breathe. A few nights later when they drove out to the river and made love for the first time in the back seat. 

"I couldn’t seem to sell her, not after… everything," Dean answers, with a pointed, sorrowful look towards Cas.

They stand across from each other in silence, the only sound the in and out hiss of Cas’s oxygen tank. 

"It’s been twenty years, Dean," Cas states, swallowing thickly. 

"Yeah, well I guess I just couldn’t let go," Dean replies.

Cas smiles at him sadly, tears welling in his eyes. 

"You can’t possibly still love me."

Dean reaches out and takes Cas’s hand, “I said you were the love of my life, I meant that twenty years ago and I still mean it today.”

Cas’s eyes slam shut and a tear slides down his cheek.

"I still love you too, you know. I always have."

Dean smiles and squeezes Cas’s hand, “I know.”

Cas smiles back softly, but there’s a sadness in his eyes. Dean doesn’t know if it’s because of the lost time they could’ve spent together or that they are both dying and have so little time left. Cas has a few months and Dean has a year if he’s lucky. Cancer is ruthless and cares not for love. It takes and takes, leaving nothing but heartbreak and death. But Dean’s sure as hell not going down without a fight.

“Let’s go, Cas,” Dean says suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Where?” Cas asks, tiling his head in confusion.


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