Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


DCBB: Our Last Summer

Word Count: 45,000

Love Between The Stars

Destiel. Hairdresser/barber shop, Cas' first haircut. Omg pls <3

(This is a lot longer than three sentences, oh well. THANK YOU BTW.)

Castiel had never gotten a professional haircut before. Being an angel, he could keep his vessel looking perfect, without any human help. However today he thought it would be a good idea to improve his “people skills” and make a human acquaintance.  He walked to the nearest barber shop, a small little building with classic red, blue and white striped poles at the front door. He entered the shop, the door dinging behind him upon his entrance. A young man glanced up at him from behind the counter, a small gracious smile on his face. “Can I help you?” The young man asked. Castiel nodded before nervously replying, “I’d like a haircut.” The man laughed and walked out from behind the counter, coming to stand in front of Castiel. “I’m Dean, you are?” Dean said holding out his hand for Castiel to shake it. “Hello Dean, my name is Castiel,” He replied, glancing down at the outstretched hand in front of him confused as to what he was supposed to do. Dean smiled and awkwardly pulled his hand away. “Castiel huh? That’s one hell of a name, mind if I call you Cas?” Dean asked. “Cas is fine,” Castiel replied giving Dean a small encouraging smile. “Alright then, haircut you said? Just sit down over here,” Dean said motioning to a black chair placed in front of a large mirror. Casl walked over to the chair and sat down, observing the room. Dean reached over his shoulder and grabbed a pair of scissors off the counter. “So just a trim right?” Dean asked holding the scissors a few inches away from Cas’ head. Cas’ eyes grew wide, the sharp shears were very close to his head. “Y-yes a trim will be fine,” He replied leaning a bit away from the scissors. Dean chuckled noticing Cas’ discomfort. “It’s alright man, I am not gonna hurt ya. I know what I’m doing,” Dean said slowly bringing the scissors closer to Cas’ head and snipping a little bit piece of hair off. “See? You’re fine,” Dean said winking at Cas in the mirror. Cas looked surprised but relaxed significantly, Dean wouldn’t hurt him. Twenty minutes later Castiel had a new haircut, a new friend and Dean’s phone number.

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