Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


DCBB: Our Last Summer

Word Count: 45,000

Love Between The Stars


Offer me that DEATHLESS death

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I am cockles trash

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do you really think Misha and Jensen were together for the episode?


yes! here’s why:

- misha didn’t take that picture, which means he wasn’t watching alone. even if vicki or whoever didn’t want to be in the photo, why not say who he’s with?

- doesn’t really make sense for jensen to be alone either. when he’s home, he tends to spend all of his time with family and/or friends. and once again, why not mention who he was with?

- pretty sure the wall color matches after lighting is accounted for

- this one is kinda a stretch (isn’t it all?) but he stool or whatever behind jensen looks like it matches the wood of the fixtures in the shot of misha

- misha would totally get a kick out of jensen wearing a spn shirt, and it seems pretty weird for him to be wearing that if he’s alone

- it’s unusual to see either of them in just tee shirts, which makes the matching attire significant

- the speed and focus on their responses

- also the tone of their teasing changed pretty often, implying there was conversation between tweets

there are more but idk basically it just makes more sense than anything else. yay!

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Guns on the wall and a bed all his own.
Porn and some pie and Led Zeppelin is home.
Whiskey and Family and Baby and Sam-
These are a few of Dean’s favorite things.

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I hope Sammy gets drunk enough for the room to spin a little and then lies down and curls up in his blankets all warm and snug and maybe jerks off nice and slow and goes to sleep and has a full nights rest ;u;

Yeah I feel this, I hope he gets nice things and feels nice <3

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I like the disease.

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