Game of Thrones S3



Redemption Road


DCBB: Our Last Summer

Word Count: 22,100

Love Between The Stars

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my favorite characters + name meanings

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Dean and Cas resting their foreheads together.

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Okay but imagine two things


Dean’s shaking in the chair, blinking back tears and feeling like he has no control, the freedom of being a demon is almost gone leaving dean with the crushing weight of guilt, and so much more

"Sammy, Cas, please, I can’t take it, I don’t want to go back, please" his words come out more like incoherent mumbling

Sam and Cas stare at him sympathetically

"I’m sorry, Dean" a sad look comes over Cas’s face

Another jab of human blood is sent through Deans bloodstream.

The weight gets heavier.




Cas tells Sam he may have found a way to get rid of the Mark of Cain”

Sam asks what is it? while he rubs one of his tired eyes and closes one of the dusty old books he was reading. he tries not to sound hopeful.

Cas says “My grace. my original grace”.


Cas asks Dean to forgive him, Dean asks him for what? what are you gonna do?

Cas kisses him.

When he stops, he tells Dean to look at his arm

There’s no mark in sight.

"Cas… what did you do?" Dean pushes the feeling of the kiss to back of his mind

"I gave you my grace"

"Cas!, you need that grace or you’ll…"


Cas stays in the bunker, neither him or Dean bring up the kiss (both convince themselves it was to cure the mark and nothing more)


A week later, Cas dies.

I don’t read fanfiction for the sex, I read fanfiction for the love. 

I don’t write fanfiction for the sex, I write fanfiction for the love.

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Sometimes I wish instead of seeing a person’s physique, we could see their insides. I don’t mean their organs and blood and veins, I mean their heart and soul. 

I wish we could see their thoughts, feelings and what kind of person they are. Those are the qualities that truly make up a human, not what they look like. 

Because if we constantly judge by appearance, much of the time, we’ll be wrong about our judgments. Some of the most beautiful people have the ugliest souls and some of the ugliest people have souls that shine greater than a thousand diamonds.

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yeah during the tv guide fan favorites panel they asked everyone what tv shows they were currently watching and misha said he was watching house of cards, orphan black, and game of thrones


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golden love

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Bluevigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
Whitepeace and honesty
Redhardiness, bravery, strength & valour

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité!"

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