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DCBB: Our Last Summer

Word Count: 20,100

Love Between The Stars

When you think you’re over a crush but then you realize you’re not so you just sit there thinking, “Well fuck.”

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I was tagged by satincas to do the Flash Fiction Challenge! When you receive this, you must write a five minute flash fic, no rereading, no editing! Any topic works, but you have five minutes, starting now! Then tag your ten favorite authors on tumblr. I’m tagging friendlycas kelpiethethundergod cheerfuldean highermagic and pariahdean!

Castiel has worked as the activity director of Cedarwood Nursing Home for the past five years. It’s a small nursing home, most residents pushing ninety. The residents who live here usually stay for years, their health gradually declining until their suffering is finally over. Sometimes it’s really emotional for Castiel, he becomes attached to these people and he feels their death almost as much as their own family.

When he tells people his job is to entertain and take care of the elderly, some thank him for his great service and others gape at him, wondering how he manages to spend time around old people for multiple hours a day without pulling out his hair. They don’t understand how much he loves his job, how much he loves the people he cares for.

Castiel walks into work on Monday morning, smiling happily eager to begin his day. Upon entering the building he finds a new man sitting in the corner of the dining room staring out at the grassy garden through the window. Castiel pauses, casting a longing gaze on the man, examining his new resident. Not many new people are admitted into Cedarwood Nursing Home. The home for the elderly usually receives two maybe three new admits per year, it’s understandable that Castiel is surprised.

Castiel crosses over to the man, stopping in front of his wheelchair. He places a hand on the man’s checkered red plaid shoulder.

“Good morning, my name is Castiel, what’s your name?”

The man looks up at him. He may be old - Castiel guesses around ninety-four - but there’s still a youthful brightness shining out of his green eyes and freckles etched into the wrinkles on his skin.  

"Name’s Dean, nice to meet you," Dean says, taking Castiel’s hand and giving it a firm shake. 

"Is it alright if I sit by you?" Castiel asks and Dean nods. Castiel slides a nearby chair over next to Dean’s wheelchair. 

"What can I do for you Cas?" Dean asks, turning to him with a slight smile. The nickname warms Cas’s heart, no one’s ever called him Cas before. He likes Dean already. Cas knows this is the start of a beautiful friendship. 

"Tell me your story. "


You deserve the world. No, more than that, so much more. You deserve to be loved. You are amazing and wonderful, don’t ever let anyone tell you different. You are loved. You are important. You are special. I love you. 



Black ball-pen in my moleskine. 5 nights and vois la!

Thanks to petite-madame you are my inspiration! 

I’ll scan this as soon as I can…

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Hey uhm I'm sort of new to tumblr and I have really no idea where to start I have like 3 followers and they're all friends from school and I was just wondering like how to become a part of tumblr and the supernatural fandom thanks.

Well hello! Welcome to the fandom!!!!! 

How to become a part of the fandom: reblog fandom things, follow people in the fandom, create fanfic or art IF YOU want, not required of course. 

I mean there’s not really a specific way, just talk about how much you love supernatural and you’re a part of our fandom and family. 

Speaking of which, guys go follow this lovely person and welcome them into our family!!! 

Since you don’t have your ask box turned on…


It is never okay to tell someone their work is bad. It’s never okay to tell someone to stop doing something they like to do. ESPECIALLY if they didn’t ask for your opinion.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between constructive criticism, and being an asshole. Telling someone something they’ve created is “so bad” is being an asshole.

I don’t care if you’re a published author, or the president of the United fucking States, being an asshole is never okay.

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gosh daretochair is such a trash bag. good for you for sticking up for your friend :)

Thank you anon!!!! Everyone go follow pariahdean she is a LOVELY writer and deserves all the love in the world. 

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Thank you for being a good person and defending all us noob writers out there, you are an amazing person and I hope you know that <3

You’re welcome! Everyone learns how to write at their own pace and hell, I have so much more to learn, I am a noob writer myself. And thank you!

Keep on writing, you create wonderful things. <3

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I love when you get righteous. Go Ana. Burn everything they love. Also, you have given me a ton of confidence in my own writing. Sometimes I can't quite believe you're a real person.

Thank you Cassie. <3 

Seriously, sending hate to someone for their fics or fanart is literally the worst and most awful thing. We do what we do for free, to improve our own abilities and share our ideas and thoughts with others. It’s scary posting your own writing on here and reactions like that do nothing but cause people to give up. It makes me incredibly mad to see someone being treated like this. 

I’m glad you have confidence in your writing! You should, you are a wonderful writer! <3

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A tip : Helping out a fellow writer would be to point out what they need to improve and what they did well.

Any writer knows that. Published or not.

That’s like, basic writing community skills.

Also, I believe that, both in art and writing, everyone can be good with practice. You don’t need to be talented at birth (I personally don’t believe in innate talent tbh). So why not encourage another writer, send some nice words to cheer them up? It takes only a few second and does a huge difference.

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